Subscribing to new sites takes less than a minute

The brief video tutorial will tell you about the process of subscribing to feeds using Feedamail. If you still have questions, see the instructions below.


How it Works: Step by Step

Step 1: Find a feed

In your favorite browser, visit site you'd like to subscribe. generally if the website has a feed, the address bar will have a feed icon in it. Although if there's no feed icon, feedamail may be able to find the feed on the page. Enter the web site address into feedamail and we will try to find it.

Step 2: Subscribe

Type the feed or web site address into feedamail, together with your email address. If we find more than one feed on the page, we will provide you full list to select.

Step 3: Verify

We will send you confirmation email for each feed you subscribe to. Click the link there to confirm that you want to receive updates.

Step 4: Receiving emails

By default all free accounts get updates as a daily digest. This means that whether there's one entry within the feed or ten, you get one email per day with all the entries. If there's nothing new in the feed, you'll not receive an email. All paid accounts have the choice of daily or real-time notifications. Below is what an email from feedamail typically looks like: